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Fincite is a FinTech Software Provider and one of Germany's fastest growing companies (awarded by Gründerszene 2017 & 2018). We are the creators of Fincite.CIOS, the worlds’ first integrated Financial Advice & Portfolio Management Software. In a world where "human financial advice"​ gets more expensive by the day, Fincite empowers retail banks, private banks and insurers to provide digital or digitally-empowered (hybrid) investment services to their clients. All this seamlessly integrated into their current processes, channels, ​and architectures via one software – Fincite.CIOS. More than 15 major financial service provider co-create solutions based on our software. Together, we improve how the world saves, retires and invests. Providing superior benefits to our customer's clients, we help our customers to grow their revenues, gain market shares, increase the efficiency in their advic