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Manage your job offers

Overwhelmed by job offers on LinkedIn? At, we've harnessed the potential of AI to help talents efficiently manage and categorize these offers. Save important contacts, share opportunities, and let AI power your job search.

Manage recruiter requests:
Receive recruiter messages on LinkedIn? Store them in a personalized contact list, and let our AI extract the essentials for you.
Collaborative Opportunities:
Build a network. Share and discuss offers with your peers for collective growth.
Get hired:
Enable recruiters to discover you and send tailored offers directly.

Everything you need

Unlock a New Era of Talent Acquisition

Harness the power of AI to find new talents and organize them in your own searchable talent pool. Plus, tap into a community where sharing candidates means earning monetary rewards.

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Discover talents:
Access a constant stream of curated candidates and view their detailed CVs with just a click.
Share candidates:
Found a great candidate but not the right role? Share them with our community and earn a finder's fee.

Organize with intelligence:
Stay in contact with potential candidates, build an AI empowered talent pool.
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