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We help you spread your open vacancies locally. Our mission is to use the power of locality for finding and attracting new talents.


We are listed on Goethe University Frankfurt

Being alumnis ourselves, we are pleased that Frankfurt Startup Jobs is listed on Goethe University Frankfurt. With more than 48.000 students it is the regions largest academic institution, counting 580 professorships. With Frankfurt Startup Jobs we provide a central point of contact for students with an interest in firms with a digital focus.


Add a Local Component to your hiring strategy

Our focus on locality helps us to make more meaningful connections between local applicants and local firms with the same interest - digital business models. Besides social media we attract applicants through SEO as well as being listed on local websites. Working with startups we know that hiring qualified staff is the biggest challenge of successful tech companies at the current point in time. Spreading your vacancies locally will give you a strategic advantage.

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We spread your open vacancies via Google Jobs 

Our platform is listed as a job platform by Google. Your vacancies are being displayed above the classical search results, in a special box. This feature was rolled out by google in 2019 and holds great potential for organic search results.

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Attract Talents with a Passion for Innovation

We want to give local applicants with an interest in digital work a central point of contact. Our goal is to be different than the large and dusty job platforms and search engines. In both the selection of our jobs as well as the overall architecture and design of our product. By focusing on innovative companies only, we also attract talents with a strong desire to work in a modern and agile work environment.

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Max Oster

We increased our application stream of local IT talents.

Steffen Volk

Great communication + quick and easy setup for our local roles. Much appreciated!

Elisa Kemmerzell

Very quick and easy setup, everything was smoothly implemented.