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Thorsten, Software Developer at bd4travel

bd4travelā€™s mission is to create a personalised shopping experience that is surprisingly intuitive, inspiring and convincing for each and every customer. Without login required, the system continuously improves as the user browses. bd4travel was founded in 2013 by three former Amadeus colleagues who realised that ā€œpersonal relevanceā€ has the potential to change the travel industry ā€“ and that AI-driven personalisation is the necessary solution to provide the best web experience for each and every individual user. Today, bd4travel provides a comprehensive solution tailored specifically to tackle the challenges of the travel industry, to listen to its users, understand them and react with the most relevant service. Travel organisations profit from ready-to-go personalisation modules as well as powerful tools to create individual use-cases to enhance the user experience. bd4travel is base

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Rƶdelheimer Bahnweg 23, 60489 Frankfurt am Main, Germany